Genesis of Between the Sheets

I’ve started – and stopped – and deleted – and started this first post numerous times. As an avid online forum bug, you’d think I know exactly what I want to say. Being an author, you might think I have a lot of things to talk about

Apparently, I don’t.

Maybe it’s a case of writer’s block – is there a prescription or therapy treatment for such an affliction?

How about I talk about my current authoring endeavors… Afterall, if you’re reading this it’s probably through my slowly-growing online connections or my website. For which I’d like to say thank you.

So, my erotica.

My development as an erotica author has been strange – to me at least. It’s one of the least revered sub genres though it has gained a bit more respect in the last few years. Somehow, for some reason, that’s part of the reason why I enjoy it so much.

My writing also comes around to the fact that what I wanted to read in erotica is also not as common. It’s a bit elusive, really. I want well written stories that are as perplexing, compelling, and complex as one might find in any other genre. I want to know the author spent just as much time writing their erotica piece as they would if they were writing mystery, drama, or fantasy.

As a result, I put an extensive amount of time into my writing – character development, background story, plot concepts, tension – all of these things.

I could keep my writing to the easier short stories and call it a day, sure, but where’s the challenge in that? While my short stories are sometimes very challenging in itself, they’re often a seed idea for a larger erotica story concept. It’s a way to play with the characters and see how well their basic chemistry works before diving into a deeper work. 

My current work in progress (WIP) is Steel Wool and Stilettos. (Formerly titled Hammer and Nails). This one is about Sydney Harrow – a non traditional college student who flips homes to cover her college tuition and support her ailing father. Her life is so complicated she has time for little else. That is until she meets Grant Rollins. He complicates her life in more ways than one, but looks fabulous in a tool belt. Of course, there’s much more to him than that.

Steel Wool and Stilettos It’s not the only novel-concept I have, though. At the moment, I have five novels I’d like to write and several short stories in progress as well. That is several years worth of writing and I have every intention of seeing them all to completion in some form or another. You know, life willing. But it seems that for every one concept that I set myself to write, I think of two more. I’ll be too busy to die if I keep this up.

Another project I’m working on is an anthology of military themed erotica short stories. The short story Want, Wait, Touch, Taste (available for free on my website) is one piece that will be in this patriotic collection. 

There, that wasn’t so bad? It seems I had something to say after all – Genesis is complete.




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