You Can’t Use Words Without a Sword!

One thing that I enjoy about writing Erotica is the authoring community which has coalesced around the genre. We get together in various places and talk about all sorts of things: story concepts, social perceptions of sexual subjects, how to get Person A together with Person B when Person B favors Person C, and Person C isn’t even real.

Words themselves are a much loved subject. For other genres you have discussions on words for fictional technology, alien species, and political concepts. On top of all these things, Erotica authors also tend to discuss words for women, words for men, words for masturbation, words for sex, words for genitals, words for love.

Opinions on words can be quite robust; sometimes morphing from a mild mannered discussion on preferences to an all-out debate on etymology and linguistic content. Never-mind sticks and stones—we have swords for words! Some of us—not me, of course, I’m too innocent for such devious acts—but some of us wield our wordy swords without regard for human life or limb.

One fellow author explained why she felt the term ‘pussy’ is silly. That I found a bit odd, but at the same time I find the term ‘snatch’ to be amusing. In truth, it can make me giggle. Snatch, forever to me, is a fabulous movie about diamonds, London, and bareknuckle boxing.

Another up-and-coming author has an issue with the term ‘cum’ for ejaculate. He prefers to write ‘come’. Whereas I favor cum and apply it liberally in my writing. If I divorce cum from male orgasm it feels as if I’ve taken the . . . ah . . . zest out of the moment.

The term ‘jerking off’ created a bit of a buzz in the last week or so. A few authors voiced the opinion that it was sexist. They argued: if the term refers to the motion then why can’t women jerk themselves off? To me, however, the term ‘jerking off’ and ‘jacking off’ evokes the mental image of a male with his hand wrapped around himself. They’re quintessentially male to me. Woman can do all manner of things, but for me, jerking and jacking off isn’t how I’d describe it.

So how would I describe it? I’m more direct with my writing—describing the act itself, not just using a term. However, in passing, I probably use ‘got herself off’ and variants thereof more than anything else. It’s a bit of a mouth full, but hey, it is Erotica, mouths full of things are expected.

‘Cunt’ is a dastardly insult if you’re in America. Some readers have declared they won’t read past it. Once that word surfaces, that’s it, the book is set down and might not be picked up again. Yet for many worldwide it is more likely to be an acceptable term for vagina. While the term itself doesn’t offend me any more than ‘fucker’ and ‘dipshit’ as an insult, it also doesn’t have any sort of sexual connotation to me. It’s not part of my lexicon in any sense. (Someone who knows me will laugh, because I have a large and strange vocabulary. The idea that there are words that I don’t use might seem odd.)

So what’s fascinating about all of this is that people develop their own view of these words based on things such as: when they first heard the term, whether or not that first use was sexual in nature, and the word’s general usage where they live. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I came to know quite a few sexual terms before I was a teenager.

What you use when you write, and what you’re comfortable with when you read, can say quite a lot about you as a person. Okay, maybe I’m being melodramatic divining my tea leaves, here, but it’s still an interesting topic. It has certainly led to many interesting conversations with my husband.

Speaking of words. I have committed myself to self-publishing for my erotica short stories. Hard and Soft, a kinky BDSM-light encounter aimed to please the erotica loving grammar nazis, is available through Amazon Kindle and SmashwordsKeep in mind my erotica disclaimer: I make no promises to be sweet, buttery, and loving with my writing.


You like my cover? I do, I designed it with Gimp.

I intentionally chose a short piece for my first because I wanted to get a firm grasp on the whole publishing process. It took hours for me to sort out the whats its and the whose its of formatting. If the story was longer it could have taken me days.

Aside that concern, I really like this story. It’s saucy, sexy, and sassy. Mr. Davison is one of my favorite male characters of all those that I’ve written. Don’t be surprised if he resurfaces in the future.

Until next time, Hwyl,



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