With All the Lustful Souls in Mind . . . I’ve Written Another Spicy Erotica

“Erotica is a mindless genre;” “Erotica’s trashy;” “People who enjoy that junk are just shallow and pathetic.”

How many times have readers and writers of erotica read that? Quite often. I’ve heard quite a bit of it and I grew tired of it. So, in authorly fashion, I took on the challenge of showing that erotica can go beyond ‘just sex’ and be far more than ‘porn on paper’.

Though I do enjoy the good, light, saucy stuff. I enjoy the deeper pieces quite a bit, too. I spent years of my life reading non-erotica pieces predating the 1700’s, so I decided to apply what I loved of those Middle Age works to a contemporary erotica piece. When all was said and done, and the smoke from my computer cleared, I had finished The Devil’s Undertones.

Religious Allegory. The Seven Deadly Sins. Lies. Murder. Deceit. Power. Corruption. Greed. Oh and sex? There’s lots of it.

The Devil’s Undertones is the seemingly humble story of a young woman in college and how she falls into a relationship with her Latin Professor, who turns out to be more than just a Latin Professor.

Mmm. He’s just so delicious, sinful, and decadent in that sharp suit, with that soulful deep voice. He’s Temptation in the Flesh. Who could say no? Ms Lara Lockette could not and neither could I.

When I decided to write a twisted tale to silence naysayers I realized that a fantasy I entertained in my teenage years was the perfect playground. Take one erotica story written to prove a point, a long entertained sex fantasy, and voila.

There’s a deep story behind the story, a few snags, a good twist or two (Maybe three of four – who’s counting?). All in all, The Devil’s Undertones is one of my favorite pieces. (After 20 years in the hatchery it better be.)

I’d love to yammer on about the story, what it means, the many layers to it, but that would give it all away! You have to read it to find out why this one piece of tasty erotica is more than just an erotica story. So much more.

[Insert here the obligatory “I write erotica” warning: If you’re under 18 – bugger off. I don’t want you here! Adults only!]

If you are over 18 follow the little links to where you want to go . . .

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