First Wave of Results from Erotica Readership Survey are in . . .

I’ve started a new page here at the blog where I will squirrel away all things related to this Survey effort of mine. If you haven’t taken the Erotica Readership Survey yet, please do so.

So, Survey Gizmo generates broad scope results for each question, which is interesting. The last report I pulled from Gizmo can be found here.

Here are some things I have process – a few bit sand pieces I’ve plucked from all the number crunching I’ve done:


By means of the multiple choice questions which allowed multi-click answers, I was able to determine, based on 3 bits of criteria, whether or not someone was a ‘Buying Reader’ or a ‘Free Reader’. Within the Results of 2014 Erotica Readership Survey, I analyze each group in detail.

In this report I analyze the First Wave of responders which total 215 individuals.

  1. Buying Readers are those who say they buy works of erotica literature, often or un-often doesn’t matter.
  2. Free Readers are those who did not note that they buy any Erotica in any way, shape, or form.
  3. Free-to-Buy are readers within the Buying Reader’s group that say they do both, or read free in order to find a good author, and then buy other stories written by said author.
  4. A Free Reader cannot be a Free-to-Buy. It’s very regimented.

The best way to show how this is connected are with these two images:


Survey Group Breakdown

Visual Map of Group Separation

Survey First Wave Group Percentages

First Wave Group Percentages

Of everyone overall, meaning 100% of all those surveyed so far, The Gender and Age breakdown is as follows: Near equal to each other in scope, 30% (or almost 1/3) of individuals are Over 45. This is followed by a slightly smaller group who are Young Adults, ages 17-27. The two smallest groups are in the age range of 28 – 45. Rather interesting, and I wonder the reason: full time employment, family, life’s just too busy? Or perhaps it’s something deeper and those in this age bracket, overall, just read less and similar numbers can be seen across all genres? Hard to say.

NEW Survey First Wave Age Ranges

So, the Buying Readers. What are they wanting to read? I break this group down the most in the Report (link above). But here I’ll present what people actually ask about the most: are they reading eBooks more? And, how many males actually BUY Erotica? The male erotica reader, humorously to me, is treated as a myth. Yet within some communities they make up a large percentage of my reading audience. This curiosity, in fact, is part of the reason why I started this survey. Of course men read erotica. Seemed like a no-brainer to me.

NEW Buying Readers Preferred Reading Format

This next graph shows what I call the Sex-to-Plot Ratio for those who buy. How much sex do people want? What do they think about it? Clearly, Erotica readers read this genre because the content matter is interesting, exciting, or meaningful. But beyond the generic defaults, how much does it matter?

Overall, it matters quite a bit. Only a very small percentage of Buying Readers responded with “I enjoy stories that focus MORE on the sex acts than anything else.” Not only do Erotica readers enjoy sexuality overall, but they enjoy fuller stories that explore people, events, and situations.

NEW Buying Readers Sex to Plot Ratio

With so many Erotica readers being ‘Free Readers’ (117 individuals of the First Wave) that usually draws questions of ‘what are they wanting to read?’. Within the Report (link above) it becomes obvious that the preferred free story structure (length) is the short story. There are also topics and subjects only permissible online at certain reader websites as most publishers will not publish them. Therefor, for some of this subject matter, often free sources are the only source.

Survey Free Readers Top 8

And, yes, I cannot end this Blog Entry without the Big O = the Top 5 Overall Category and Theme Interests.

Survey First Wave Top 5

Thank you much for your participation, interest, and all the many emails and discussions this has generated so far. If you know anyone – even if they don’t get online much – who reads erotica or even romance and other genres that address love, passion, and sexuality, then please share this survey and the results with them. I’m continuing my push to expand the survey pool – right now most responders are from the US and UK, but just about half are from 20 other countries around the world, including Luxembourg and New Zealand.

Malama pona,



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