Erotica Readership Survey

Authors and readers of erotica love discussing erotica readership interests as much as they love reading the genre. Unfortunately, actual surveys of Erotica Readers are few and far between.  Most publishers report statistics based on their sales. Those that are available for the public don’t include elements I’m most interested in.

So I decided to cover this area and share the results as I continue to receive them and update the.

This survey is privately funded by yours truly.

If you have not yet taken the survey then you can do so here.

Survey Gizmo is a great site. They crunch some serious numbers based on overall results, giving some flex with for these results with a few options. However, what I wanted to know were more in-depth stats that could only be pulled by hand: Demographics such as gender, age, years reading, category and theme interests, etc.

So I spent hours – much to the irritation of my husband – at my computer sorting and dividing and processing numbers. Since the survey is ongoing I will process new results as they come in, processing them into a report and releasing them intermittently.

The First Wave of results that I have compiled is complete and now available as a PDF file which you can obtain here.

Survey Gizmo’s initial results in PDF form are all ‘broad spectrum results’ which do not break down individuals into groups – can be found here.

In the future I intend on processing results in more detail, and also doing a series of blog entries on people’s favorite books, authors, and characters.

As time goes on, and as more people share the survey and it slowly spreads, the response pool will widen and that will enable me to process some statistics that need a much larger sampling.

So, if everyone can share it with others that would be much appreciated.




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