I have recently decided to forgo strictly Erotica publications and focus my efforts on Romance. Thus my online repertoire has been paired and over the next few months I will published Romance flavored stories.




A Romance-erotica novel

Born into nobility, abducted by a warring King, Viette is forced into servitude. As the story unfolds a wickedly dangerous and seductively hypnotic story of love and hate unfurls. Viette is a woman who doesn’t know her own heart and the only path to clarity is found by trusting the one person she feels she was born to hate: King Leonin of Whitmore – her Lord, Liege, and Love.

Secrets, deceit, political upheaval. Viette proves to be a strange and unusual force to reckon with.

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and many others.

Soft, Sweet Clarice


Soft, Sweet Clarice: A Literary-erotica short work. A Priest accounts for his struggles with the demands of celibacy and questions his status as leader of his flock under the duress of Clarice and her womanly wiles.

Available only at Amazon

Before Fate Says No


Before Fate Says No: Nadia felt drawn to Mitch from the moment she met him, but life took her down other paths while feelings for him grew. When he invited her on a camping trip she couldn’t say no – but will she find the courage to tell him how she feels before Fate has it’s say? Watch your step, the slope is steep.

A Romance-erotica short story. Originally titled Tent and Pegs. Available only at Amazon


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