First Wave of Results from Erotica Readership Survey are in . . .

I’ve started a new page here at the blog where I will squirrel away all things related to this Survey effort of mine. If you haven’t taken the Erotica Readership Survey yet, please do so.

So, Survey Gizmo generates broad scope results for each question, which is interesting. The last report I pulled from Gizmo can be found here.

Here are some things I have process – a few bit sand pieces I’ve plucked from all the number crunching I’ve done:


By means of the multiple choice questions which allowed multi-click answers, I was able to determine, based on 3 bits of criteria, whether or not someone was a ‘Buying Reader’ or a ‘Free Reader’. Within the Results of 2014 Erotica Readership Survey, I analyze each group in detail.

In this report I analyze the First Wave of responders which total 215 individuals.

  1. Buying Readers are those who say they buy works of erotica literature, often or un-often doesn’t matter.
  2. Free Readers are those who did not note that they buy any Erotica in any way, shape, or form.
  3. Free-to-Buy are readers within the Buying Reader’s group that say they do both, or read free in order to find a good author, and then buy other stories written by said author.
  4. A Free Reader cannot be a Free-to-Buy. It’s very regimented.

The best way to show how this is connected are with these two images:


Survey Group Breakdown

Visual Map of Group Separation

Survey First Wave Group Percentages

First Wave Group Percentages

Of everyone overall, meaning 100% of all those surveyed so far, The Gender and Age breakdown is as follows: Near equal to each other in scope, 30% (or almost 1/3) of individuals are Over 45. This is followed by a slightly smaller group who are Young Adults, ages 17-27. The two smallest groups are in the age range of 28 – 45. Rather interesting, and I wonder the reason: full time employment, family, life’s just too busy? Or perhaps it’s something deeper and those in this age bracket, overall, just read less and similar numbers can be seen across all genres? Hard to say.

NEW Survey First Wave Age Ranges

So, the Buying Readers. What are they wanting to read? I break this group down the most in the Report (link above). But here I’ll present what people actually ask about the most: are they reading eBooks more? And, how many males actually BUY Erotica? The male erotica reader, humorously to me, is treated as a myth. Yet within some communities they make up a large percentage of my reading audience. This curiosity, in fact, is part of the reason why I started this survey. Of course men read erotica. Seemed like a no-brainer to me.

NEW Buying Readers Preferred Reading Format

This next graph shows what I call the Sex-to-Plot Ratio for those who buy. How much sex do people want? What do they think about it? Clearly, Erotica readers read this genre because the content matter is interesting, exciting, or meaningful. But beyond the generic defaults, how much does it matter?

Overall, it matters quite a bit. Only a very small percentage of Buying Readers responded with “I enjoy stories that focus MORE on the sex acts than anything else.” Not only do Erotica readers enjoy sexuality overall, but they enjoy fuller stories that explore people, events, and situations.

NEW Buying Readers Sex to Plot Ratio

With so many Erotica readers being ‘Free Readers’ (117 individuals of the First Wave) that usually draws questions of ‘what are they wanting to read?’. Within the Report (link above) it becomes obvious that the preferred free story structure (length) is the short story. There are also topics and subjects only permissible online at certain reader websites as most publishers will not publish them. Therefor, for some of this subject matter, often free sources are the only source.

Survey Free Readers Top 8

And, yes, I cannot end this Blog Entry without the Big O = the Top 5 Overall Category and Theme Interests.

Survey First Wave Top 5

Thank you much for your participation, interest, and all the many emails and discussions this has generated so far. If you know anyone – even if they don’t get online much – who reads erotica or even romance and other genres that address love, passion, and sexuality, then please share this survey and the results with them. I’m continuing my push to expand the survey pool – right now most responders are from the US and UK, but just about half are from 20 other countries around the world, including Luxembourg and New Zealand.

Malama pona,



Intellectual / Smart Erotica. Don’t people crave it like I do?

Or is there something seriously wrong with me?

Fun, short, simple, kinky, spicy, sizzling sex stories are fabulous. I love them. I write them. They’re commonly available—nothing wrong with them at all.

However, I’m not always in the mood for fun, short, simple—you get the point. Sometimes I crave the more complex characters (the more flawed the merrier) with thick plots that transcend sexuality. Deep thinking, insightful, daring – with a side order of sex.

So where are these deep, complex stories that I and so many others actually crave? I’m always on the hunt for these hidden gems, but, they are very hard to come across. They’re rare like Sapphires, it seems. Needless to say, when it comes to novellas and novels, these are the stories I intend to write.

In an effort to seek out and discover these pieces I’ve started a list titled “Intellectual Erotica” at Goodreads. It’s populated with a fairly puny number of stories at the moment but I intend for it to grow to a rather sizable lot.

So . . . where are these stories?

Well I’m sure they’re out there waiting to be discovered. Here I am, forever searching like Livingston in the Jungle.

Erotica, per my self-applied definition, is a story in which a character’s sexual journey is either the main focus, or it governs the main plot, even if that main plot is non-erotica in nature. This, to me, extends beyond the limits of the Erotica Genre – and into other genres as well.

In my view, erotica is not JUST meant to entice. Though if it does that’s certainly a benefit. To me, it’s also meant to explore the full extent of human sexuality. Humans are sexual beings and try as we might, we cannot sever one part from the other and expect to see the whole picture.

Therefor, my list will ultimately contain books outside of erotica.

If you have one in mind then feel free to comment to this blog post or bring it up through Goodreads. If you don’t have any in mind, feel free to visit the above link to the list, log in, and vote for your favorite.

Books on the list at present: Transcendence by Shay Savage, Lolita by Nabokov, For the Love of Stones by Tobias Hill, A Woman Alone at Night by Tamara Berger, After Hours Cara McKinna, Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E L James.



With All the Lustful Souls in Mind . . . I’ve Written Another Spicy Erotica

“Erotica is a mindless genre;” “Erotica’s trashy;” “People who enjoy that junk are just shallow and pathetic.”

How many times have readers and writers of erotica read that? Quite often. I’ve heard quite a bit of it and I grew tired of it. So, in authorly fashion, I took on the challenge of showing that erotica can go beyond ‘just sex’ and be far more than ‘porn on paper’.

Though I do enjoy the good, light, saucy stuff. I enjoy the deeper pieces quite a bit, too. I spent years of my life reading non-erotica pieces predating the 1700’s, so I decided to apply what I loved of those Middle Age works to a contemporary erotica piece. When all was said and done, and the smoke from my computer cleared, I had finished The Devil’s Undertones.

Religious Allegory. The Seven Deadly Sins. Lies. Murder. Deceit. Power. Corruption. Greed. Oh and sex? There’s lots of it.

The Devil’s Undertones is the seemingly humble story of a young woman in college and how she falls into a relationship with her Latin Professor, who turns out to be more than just a Latin Professor.

Mmm. He’s just so delicious, sinful, and decadent in that sharp suit, with that soulful deep voice. He’s Temptation in the Flesh. Who could say no? Ms Lara Lockette could not and neither could I.

When I decided to write a twisted tale to silence naysayers I realized that a fantasy I entertained in my teenage years was the perfect playground. Take one erotica story written to prove a point, a long entertained sex fantasy, and voila.

There’s a deep story behind the story, a few snags, a good twist or two (Maybe three of four – who’s counting?). All in all, The Devil’s Undertones is one of my favorite pieces. (After 20 years in the hatchery it better be.)

I’d love to yammer on about the story, what it means, the many layers to it, but that would give it all away! You have to read it to find out why this one piece of tasty erotica is more than just an erotica story. So much more.

[Insert here the obligatory “I write erotica” warning: If you’re under 18 – bugger off. I don’t want you here! Adults only!]

If you are over 18 follow the little links to where you want to go . . .

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Quiet please . . . I’m thinking about sex

Write about sex.

That’s the core of erotica.

It seems simple.

It should be simple. After all, it is natural and everybody does it, right? Sure, everyone has their own preferences of legs here and hands there, but cut to the quick and it’s nature in its most raw form. Everyone is familiar with it in their own unique way. Alone. With someone. On television. In their dreams. Some people think of it very little, some people think of it a lot. All in all, we’re all familiar with it. This familiarity should equate to knowledge. Add in a keyboard or a notebook and everyone should be able to write it.

Only, it’s not that simple. How many people actually pay attention to the act during the act? Do you? Do you know why you enjoy it? How would you explain the psychological and physical sensations to someone? Sometimes, that can be a challenge. One question that comes up in various erotica communities is, “What does an orgasm feel like?”

Well other than ‘good’ or ‘unfuckingbelievable’ – answer the question, in detail. Tell someone what an orgasm feels like so they can understand. The understanding is the key. It’s harder than you think to describe these things, even if you have multiples in one sex session, or masturbate ten times a day, describing it can give you a migraine.

Beyond that: how many people actually pay enough attention to the act during the act . . . and then are able to imagine, in that much detail, another scenario they have never engaged in, if they were someone else?

That’s what writing erotica is. In depth awareness transferred to fictional people.

So, the nitty gritty of the sex scene. This takes a tremendous amount of focus for me to accomplish. I have to really know my characters, they have to feel real, or else a sex scene between them is going to be flat and thin, like watered paint. I don’t want flat and thin, I was thick and heavy. Palpable and tangible. Reality on paper. Something that will stick.

Once I commit myself to the concept of the scene – how it will begin, the tone of the scene, all these elements – I have to picture it in detail. This usually means closing my eyes and tuning out everything around me, and writing beginning to end without stopping.

But then, just as soft fingers touch sensitive flesh, or a zipper chatters as it comes undone, the phone rings. Now, while in the act, in real life, what do you do when the phone rings? Do you stop what you’re doing and answer it? No – at least not for me, maybe some of you do with your cell phone addictions. But that’s not me. So I don’t stop writing my scene to answer the phone, either.

Clearly, this sends the signal to the caller that, instead of leaving a message, they need to dial back.

Concentration, and the scene, ruined. Whatever I would have written will never be written. Sure, I’ll still have the idea in mind, but the next time I sit to put my mind to it, the words will be different. There will be a different way to describe the tingle down the spine when wet lips meet warm skin, a different way to whisper sweet somethings in the other’s ear. Who knows, maybe that shift altered the course of the world via some sex related butterfly effect.

I don’t know if that’s possible, but I’d like to think my writing is just that powerful. I’m egotistical that way.

Worse things could happen, I suppose. For instance, just the other day I was working through a scene and my husband asked me question. About the weather.

How does that pan out? “All for the weather, the orgasm was lost?” Indeed, for this one poor scene, my two fictional lovers were suspended mid-sex for two days. If they sprang to life, they’d slaughter me for it. It was a cruel thing. That might be okay for those involved in bondage and patience, but my two characters had all of ten minutes on the clock. They were not thrilled.

But that’s how it really goes when writing erotica. Coitus Interruptus is part of the deal. You commit yourself to writing erotica in any measure, and that comes with the package.

The only way to circumvent this situation is to spread the word: Quiet please . . . I’m thinking about sex.


Judy Canter

Genesis of Between the Sheets

I’ve started – and stopped – and deleted – and started this first post numerous times. As an avid online forum bug, you’d think I know exactly what I want to say. Being an author, you might think I have a lot of things to talk about

Apparently, I don’t.

Maybe it’s a case of writer’s block – is there a prescription or therapy treatment for such an affliction?

How about I talk about my current authoring endeavors… Afterall, if you’re reading this it’s probably through my slowly-growing online connections or my website. For which I’d like to say thank you.

So, my erotica.

My development as an erotica author has been strange – to me at least. It’s one of the least revered sub genres though it has gained a bit more respect in the last few years. Somehow, for some reason, that’s part of the reason why I enjoy it so much.

My writing also comes around to the fact that what I wanted to read in erotica is also not as common. It’s a bit elusive, really. I want well written stories that are as perplexing, compelling, and complex as one might find in any other genre. I want to know the author spent just as much time writing their erotica piece as they would if they were writing mystery, drama, or fantasy.

As a result, I put an extensive amount of time into my writing – character development, background story, plot concepts, tension – all of these things.

I could keep my writing to the easier short stories and call it a day, sure, but where’s the challenge in that? While my short stories are sometimes very challenging in itself, they’re often a seed idea for a larger erotica story concept. It’s a way to play with the characters and see how well their basic chemistry works before diving into a deeper work. 

My current work in progress (WIP) is Steel Wool and Stilettos. (Formerly titled Hammer and Nails). This one is about Sydney Harrow – a non traditional college student who flips homes to cover her college tuition and support her ailing father. Her life is so complicated she has time for little else. That is until she meets Grant Rollins. He complicates her life in more ways than one, but looks fabulous in a tool belt. Of course, there’s much more to him than that.

Steel Wool and Stilettos It’s not the only novel-concept I have, though. At the moment, I have five novels I’d like to write and several short stories in progress as well. That is several years worth of writing and I have every intention of seeing them all to completion in some form or another. You know, life willing. But it seems that for every one concept that I set myself to write, I think of two more. I’ll be too busy to die if I keep this up.

Another project I’m working on is an anthology of military themed erotica short stories. The short story Want, Wait, Touch, Taste (available for free on my website) is one piece that will be in this patriotic collection. 

There, that wasn’t so bad? It seems I had something to say after all – Genesis is complete.